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I'm always looking for constructive critism, please let me know if you feel that you can help me improving my skills. If you have comments or suggestions, please let me know and drop me a message :D ~ Love you, guys!



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Took this photo during a walk.

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This is gross. Disgusting.

So I just logged into my twitter account today and saw some people ranting over someone on twitter who is being really abusive and insulting.

What the fuck is wrong with you “trolls”? What is the point in hurting someone’s feelings? Do you need to bring sadness over others to make yourself feel better? Did your parents not hug enough you when you were a child? What is it? 

People nowadays need to realise that this “abusive trolling” does not help anyone, you have your 5-minute-fame now, but it won’t be long until someone sues your ass and you get into legal issues. 

Trolling is okay, but don’t fucking cross the line. No, it is not okay to tell someone to get cancer, to tell someone to die in a plane crash and so on.

Everyone that is reading this, please report/block this disgusting account. This will help this world become a better place.Thank you. 

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PS Tutorial: How to achieve the rounded corner effect


This tutorial will help you get to these end results:



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